Monday, November 24, 2008

a new week

Another week at QSI school has started

things I like about the beginning of my week:

  1. we played softball in P.E. and my team won

  2. I hit a homerun

  3. I got my first solo in the winter concert ( la, la, la )

  4. there is a new student in my math class named Harry (not Potter!)

  5. I found out Victor and Danilo have birthdays two days befor mine

  6. I was amazed at how many dutchies my friends have ( a korean game where you collect little disks and then you try to flip each others disks over.)

  7. my friends are obsessed with bakugan

things I do not like about the beginning of my week:

  1. science was BORING ( it usually is fun)

  2. I got in trouble for being late to P.E.

  3. I couldn't play with my friend Martha after school ( boo, hoo! )

  4. I don't have Mr. Dean's email ( the best teacher in the world! )

  5. my brother and I are fighting

me, jinna, and hardi ( we are from U.S.A., Korea, and India )


lizzy-loo said...

i hope at the end of the week you can say it was great. keep it up

Cairo Typ0 said...

This is probably the best blog name i have come across!

"If the Tiara Fits" Brilliant!! :)

Judith said...

sounds like a great start to a good week.